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Volume 3  Number 1 June 2015

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Volume 3  Number 1 June 2015


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Volume 3  Number 1 June 2015

Nandasiri Keembiyahetti, Athula Naranpanawa

The impact of currency depreciation and trade liberralzation on trade balance of Sri Lanka


Volume 3  Number 1 June 2015

 P.P.A. Wasantha Athukorala

Education, attitudes and agricultural biodiversity: an application of randomised control method


Volume 3  Number 1 June 2015

K. Saranyah , T.Mahendran

Standardization and characterization of value added watermelon juice (citrullus lanatus) ready-to-serve beverage


Volume 3  Number 1 June 2015

Asiri D. Vitharana

The solid waste management for sustainable development: a case study of Hambantota municiple council area in Sri Lanka


Volume 3  Number 1 June 2015

D.I. J. Samaranayake
O.G. Dayarathna-Banda

Unemployment, official economy and the dimension of the shadow economy: an empirical analysis for Sri Lanka using SEM approach


Volume 3  Number 1 June 2015

Danny Atapattu SLJER
Emeritus Professor, Department of Economics,
University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka
Perspectives :  Is economics independent of morality?  

Volume 3  Number 1 June 2015

Volume 3  Number 1 June 2015

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The Impact of Currency Depreciation and Trade Liberalization on Trade Balance of Sri Lanka
Nandasiri Keembiyahetti and Athula Naranpanawa

Education, Attitudes and Agricultural Biodiversity: An application of Randomised Control Method
P.P.A. Wasantha Athukorala

Standardization and Characterization of Value Added Watermelon Juice (Citrullus lanatus) Ready-to -Serve Beverage
K. Saranyah and T.Mahendran

The Solid Waste Management for Sustainable Development: A Case Study of Hambantota Municipal Council Area in Sri Lanka
Asiri D. Vitharana

Unemployment, Official Economy and the Dimension of the Shadow Economy: An Empirical Analysis for Sri Lanka Using SEM Approach
D. I. J. Samaranayake and O.G. Dayarathna-Banda


Is Economics Independent of Morality?
Danny Atapattu

The Routledge Handbook of Environmental Economics in Asia,
Edited by Shunsuke Managi
J. G. Sri Ranjith